Sunday, May 31, 2009

Give me !

aaaaawww this is so cutee ! This is bracelet from
Jules Smith I really want to buy it online.
I tought it's only $12, but it's $58. argh !
$12 is for set of two, but for set of 8, it's $58.

and and this

Oh my.. those sneakers are sooooooo damn cutee !
it's from Wantedshoes. it's kinda affordable, $45.

anyone would give me these for summer ???

cherrykiss !

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trashed In Style


They're even richer than me *speechless*


Hey all
Graaah I'm so so so bored today.
I don't know what to do. Tiffanny take off to bandung today.
waaaaaw I don't have online friends anymore.
I want some RIOT RIOT RIOT !!

Today what I've done is just browsing and that's all.
watching tv, it's kinda interesting, I watch Glamour's
25 fashion do's and dont's. One lesson, the most fashion do is
wear clothes that fit your body !
well I need to bold that because there's one girl who dress like
she doesn't know her body. to be honest, that's embarrassing.

And I found this. My class photos for yearbook

ND represent Novemila Due, it's the Italian for 9.2
9.2 is my class. having so much fun with them. love.

That's all about today.
Can anyone take me somewhere ?

cherrykiss !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quote of the day :


- Gwen Stefani -

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What will I wear ?

Hey readers !
okay, first of all, now I'm totally confuseee at what will I wear at graduation.
well depends on "the gossips", the girls HAVE to wear skirts or dress.
Now I'm totally confuse ! I asked ayu this morning to came to my house
for give me some what will a wear at graduation.
We got some, but I still doubt it. haha
So I search some looks at (they give me lots of inspirations)
Then I found this from Jessica M. on

I think she's so good at skirt application.
Maybe I will wear some like that, colorful skirt, with black tees,
or maybe with leather jacket too ? Still a surprise. hehe.
At least I got inspired for what will I wear at graduation day.

And by the way, check out my friend new blog, dona, here
goodnight all !

cherrykiss !

Monday, May 25, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

Hey readers !
Today I went for movie with my two bitches, ayu and tiffanny !
this is what I wore today

top GAP, necklace DIY, shoes from tiffanny, bag mom's

We're watching Night At The Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian
at Planet Hollywood. We go with buswaaaaaay. and this is the first day
I use metro mini. hahaha. it was so fun.

Little trivia, before the movie started, I suddenly forgot
what we're gonna watch. It's so damn embarrassing,
my friends laughing at me until the movie started. Z

(ayuu, gue pinjem foto dari lo yaa. hihihi)

It was soooo much fun ! The movie is TOTALLY HILARIOUS !
OMG Ben Stiller is awesoome ! He's just so funny !
You have to watch it. really.

I really love the 3 cupids. they are soo cute !
And I've just realize that the cupids are the Jonas Brothers
after I saw the casts list. (so stupid, it's so obvious that the lead singer
of the cupids got straight hair, and the others got curly hair, and singing Lovebug)
By the way they sounds so good. haha.

I'm having so much fun todaaaaay.
There's will be lots of "empty" days, and I think I will hang out with
my bitches more often than usual. haha.

And for the god news !
I got my memory card repaired and also, my mozilla firefox is baaacck !
yaaaaaaay ! thanks to my mom's friend mr. Arlex who came to my house
and fix those mess.
thank you sir !

We are not going to attaaaaaaaack rriiiiiight nooooooooow !!

cherrykiss !

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teenvogue trendspotting

Morning bitches !
I've just browse,
they "trendspotting" the nineties grunge,
and I found some of grunge style that I really adore !

Taylor Momsen

Alice Dellal

Alexa Chung

I really love it ! Maybe I will try grunge style for summer.
I got some of plaid shirts, but for the leather jacket,
maybe I have to open up my mom's (0r maybe my dad's) wardrobe again. haha
Can't wait for the new look. yeaaaaaah
You should try it too !


Friday, May 22, 2009


yeeehuuuu. hey all !
today I've just browse some items at
and I found this cute items

Geo Shapes Woven Tunic

zebra prints ray ban

Lace Prints Wayfarers

Satin Animal Print Headband

Peacock Feathers Headband

wooww. really hope those items are available at Forever21
in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta !
aaargh have to go there and shopping. of course I will wait for
the every month sale. hahaahaha


Karaoke Day

Morning all !
Yesterday I went to Nav Karaoke with the girls in 92 : dona, cika,
inge, eva, maria, nancy, shendy, reninta, aning, and clara !
yeah, not all the girls in 92. I really want nadine and ria to join
but they didn't come.
By the way, this is what I wore yesterday

white tee balmoral, skirt pasar senen, necklace DIY, bag mom's, shoes nevada

Me and Dona head to school before we go to Nav,
while we waiting for the others, I met BULE. bule is the new dog family
in my school, the security said that bule is sick, because he was strangled.
WTF ! strangled ?! it's damn crazy maaaan. this is him

He's so cute isn't he ? hahahaha. After me met the others,
we head to Nav by taxi. we booked the large room. haha.
we have LOTS of fun there.
guess what is the first song ! RIDHO ROMA : MENUNGGUMU !
hyaaaaaaaaaa ! we sing, we dance, we scream, it's a huge riot there !

After the karaoke, we're all really tired so we decided to go to
Mall Kelapa Gading to have some food and obviously some another fun.
BUT, when I check out my wallet,
I LOST MY 50.000 RUPIAHS !!!

aaaargh ! it's a gigantic number of moneeeeey!
I supposed to by a new memory card with that money man!
(my memory card is passed away a week ago)
argh what a trainwreck. I'm so so so exhausted. duh okay just forget it.

After we eat and everything, we walk walk walk and walk around MKG,
do some shopping, then, we do some photobooooox.

After the photobox, we go to Pietro'sGelato for some
ice creeaaaaaam ! I order the smallest ice cream ever seen! haha

The ice cream is so cute isn't it ? haha. while we ate ice cream,
ehm, you know, girls, we do some gossips ! haha.
After the gossip session, we decided to go home.
wow. it was really fun. hope we can hang out later girls ! LLL for ya!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New love : Ugg Boots !

Hey all !
I've just (really) finished with my final test !!
weheeeeeeeeeeey ! and now I'm enjoying my free days !

Now I'm chatting with my beloveed friend froom france, Robin,
(I miss him so much !) and watching Camp Rock
and something got my attention
Demi Lovato's fringed ugg boots !

(this is the old demi, still cute but i like "the new her" better. haha)

ugg boots is soooooo cute ! And it's kinda warm I think.
I really want to have one !
Actually I got 10% discount from Whooga Boots,
I really really want to buy one
BUT, the price is kinda not affordable it's about $140
(it's 1.400.000 rupiahs !)
oh wow.
Maybe I have to save some money for that super cute ugg boots.
save save save.

Oh by the way, can't wait for the karaoke with my girlfriends next monday !

cherrykiss !
(off to my polyvore and looklet. hehe)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Shoes From Tiffanny

Hey all !
This morning tiffanny give me a shoes.
It's kinda look like an ankle boots, but think twice !
She told me that this is a TNI shoes !
It's too simple kinda way. I will do some DIY project with this shoes.
What do you think is better ?
Fringe or studded bling ? I think I will go with the studded bling.
I will tell you when It's done :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yearbook Photoshoot !

Hey all !
I've just done my yearbook photoshoot at Kota Tua with my class 92 obviously.
And I decided on NO MAKE UP. I do wear make up previously,
but after all the sweats, I decided to remove it all
this is me with my BFF, dona
(thanks to nadine for this cool pic)

dress pasar senen, necklace DIY,
blazer & bag Mom's, shoes converse @ayu

All the girls are dressed sooo good and awesome.
So, I started on the boys. I found two boys who dressed so properly and cool
here they are

they are Agi and Nino who has the best dress !
And I also found this super cool shoes

That's Ryan's Nike shoes ! Really love the color ! Good choice ryan !
After the photoshoot, we all went to Golden Truly with dona, shendy, maria,
ria, clara, agi, oji, econ, and arie for some food and some talkies. haha

I had LOTS of fun with this photoshoot
Hope I can do some again !

Forgot to tell, now I'll start working on DIY stuffs
I've started with that lips statement necklace.
I will do more more more and more DIY stuffs ! Exciteeeeeeeeeeeeeeed !

cherrykiss !

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fashion browsing

Hey everyonee
I've just looking around some webs and found some interesting stuffs
Look at this

That's Matthew Williams for H&M dress.
I loooveeee the dress. As you know I'm so in love with peacock details.
really love the dress. But, my eyes can't get off of that purse!!
(I don't know why I think the purse is "outshining" the dress)

That's hot ! I want one! So I browse it at Polyvore

Hotter that Katy's isn't it ?
But guess how much its cost ! it's $330 !
Really worth for Large pink snake skin leather padded lips clutch
by Lulu Guiness from, but not affordable. ugh !

Browse browse browse and I found this babies

Super cute Black Octopus Ring by Kenneth Jay Lane
also from
Wow I think now I'm kinda into accessories.
I hope I can find some on my thrift-shopping with dona
at Pasar Senen tomorrow. haha

Good night all !