Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Ready for July

Hey everyone !
So today is July the 1st. kinda shocked to be honest. I'm just not ready for this month. You know, I think this month is going to be a very hard month for me.
I will head to High School. Which is a total different with my crazy world in JHS, I have to be more serious, more mature, more more and more. I'm not ready, really. And in High School, I will meet a bunch of different people. And you know what ? i don't like being in the middle of some new people, I have to be honest, it's not comfortable. I just love being in the middle of some people that already knows me for a long time. ah. I don't want that happen -_- It's only 8 days left. I have to leave my past and awesome memories in JHS. Also, I wouldn't meet my crush again, he said we can still keep in touch via msn. and honestly, I'm a kind of shy girl that really really shy to make a move first. and so is he, he's a kind of silent and cool person, I don't think we would dare to say hi on msn. and mostly for his "chameleon attitude" he could change in a blink of an eye ! maaaaaaan. I can't take it. I still want to talk with him face to face, he tell me some jokes, I'm laughing, it's just sweet and fun. And I wouldn't have that in High School. And for surprise ; he will take off to U.S.A next year ! CRIES !!!!! :'( My God ! I'm so so so so not prepare for this. Lots of my friends will leave jakarta, one by one, my crush is going to USA, krystle is going to USA too, Ryan will take off to singapore, and then Tiffanny will move to Lampung ! what is going on here ?!?!??! Goooooosh ! I'm freakin' saaaaaad and don't know what to do. I will miss them so much, I will miss my JHS sooooo bad, guarantee, and also my crush, I will miss him soo badly bad. I'm so desperate. God, please help me for this year. hope I can through it strongly, and of course, with happiness.

I'm currently listening to Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone for enlightening my mind everyday. It's just sooo hard :(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Golden Kite on a Tree

Just saw that on my way home, and I think it's kinda cute. Anyway, today spend my whole day with mom and her college students ; welly and yossi. all day looking for merchandise stuffs for my mom's next event.

tee Rolling Stone wore inside out, jeans Marshall, necklace DIY, bag Gucci, gladiator unbranded

By the way, just picked up Marsudirini High uniform this morning, and the almameter jacket is a total fashion victims. the color is really not match. and what's up with all the weird graphic on the back ? duh.
but still,

cherrykiss !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All You Can Eat

Yesterday, me, ayu, astrid, and tiffanny went to dona's house. her mom cooks LOTS of food. weheeeeeeeey and they're absolutely delicious, esp the udon teriyaki. Gosh, hope I can cook like her someday. hihihihi. so here's the pic. (so sorry can't post my look for that day, but maybe a little senak peak of my look)

me wearing : unbranded shorts and outwear, gift shirt, DIY brooch

me, ayu, dona, astrid

And we made an lipsync video of Waking Up in Vegas and Just Dance, all the video is in astrid's pocket camera, so she'll post that later. Having suupeeeeeeer fun at dona's house :DD hope we can go there again.

PS : astrid is currently out of town, she take off to medan today, then she will off to Bali *jealous* Take care dear :)

cherrykiss !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

Love is being stupid together
Paul Valery

I know in our story, we've done lots of stupid and funny things between us. So funny to see the fact that we pretend like we don't care but we act like we care.
I do care of you, A LOT.
It's very stupidly cute when I remember all the things that happen between us.
thank you for this great one year. i will miss you a lot, so bad, maybe you will be the only one people that I miss the most.


92 live from Dufan

Yesterday went to Dufan with my 92 girlfriends ; clara, nancy, maria, cika, inge, dona, ria, and also sugar. too tired to write, pictures speaks better. hehehehhee ;p

cherrykiss !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Away from home

hello readers !
So, today I spent all time out from the house. first stop, church, then kota jababeka, bekasi, for some eat and refreshing with my big family. so happy ! :D

tee ebay, shorts and belt thrifted, shoes nevada, bag mom's

And that's some random pictures from the place. It's so much fun and relaxing you know. After that, me and my mom headed to Ratu Plaza. My mom got a new haircut, then we got some coffees from Gloria Jane's. the caramel ice is AWESOME !! really love it ! you have to try it.
that's all from today, tomorrow I will off to Dufan with my 92 girlfriends ! yippiieeeeee ! excited ! and you know what ? I miss them so baaaaaad already.

cherrykiss !

Saturday, June 20, 2009

After all the years we spend together

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for :

1. God thank you for all your blessings, since was born, until I'm a 14 years old. You handle lots of things in my life. Everything wouldn't happen without your help.

2. Family ; mom, dad, tessa, kezya, who always gives me a big support. thank you. and I love you so bad, no matter whatever happens between us. and for all the big family, thank you. love !

3. Teachers ; all the teachers in Tarakanita 4 JHS. you are really a hero for me, never get tired for teach me everyday. thank you and i love you. And for my course teachers ; kak hesti & kak murti, without you I think I'm not going to pass it. thank you for helping me for this past few months.

4. BFF : Astrid, i know we got some big problem between us sometimes. but you are a good friend i know that. thank you for our friendship since 5th grade. i love you girl. Ayu, my super neighbor that always help me, I've always run to you. hehehe. thanks for all your helps and all your love. Dona, hank you for our friendship since kindergarten. we'll going to meet again at high school. haha. thank you for always cheers me up everyday and for being a good friend. Krystle, hey little girl, you are like my sister. thank you for spend your time with me and always hear all my blurbs even though you get very tired of it. hehe. love you. Tiffanny, my new crazy BFF, you are super fun, always cheers me up and help me out. thank you. I love you girls ♥

5. Novemila Due (92) people :
Teacher : Pak Sus. thank you for all this, sir !
My super girlfriends : Dona, Maria, Nancy, Shendy, Chika, Clara, Ria, Inge, and Nadine for making my day everyday. thank you for listen to me and for all the great work together, all the fun times together and everything. you are awesome !!
the boys : my latest chairmate aldwin, all the shit boys : ryan, berto, stefan, dimas, tommy, radit. and all the fun 'rasta' or 'vespa' people in my class ; arie, oji, agi, echon. thank you guys for all your jokes that cheers me up, and all your pranks even though its a total shit, but still really fun. And all 92 peeps. sorry didn't mention you here. but thank you all for always makes me want to get up and go to school to see you all. I'm going to miss you all BADLY

6. Tarakanita 4 crews : 71 people, and the SUPER 84 !!! I loveeeeee being there with you guys ! thank you for one great years together !!
wow I'm a total speechless girl. i love you !!

7. UAS partners of crime : andhika, agung, syendy, ryan, agi, and pak rogo. thank you for helping me knows everything I need before I started it! LOL. ;p

8. My super Idols !! the click five (esp Kyle Patrick, thanks for all your message that always support me), thank you for always makes me excited to learn and study, you guys inspired me a lot ! The reason why I woke up everyday and struggle for school so I will be a successful woman and could meet you guys again someday. i love you ! you guys rocks !!

9. Biggest crush. thank you for making my day. I don't know you are ment to do that or not, but just so you know. and you are the biggest influence in my school life. makes me always excited to go to school. Always makes me want to pinch your cheek or slap you in the face, hihi. thank you for a great one year of makes me feels wonderful and happy and sad, and mad. thank you.

10. All friends in the world, online friends, bloggers friends, all of you !! thank you for all your nice words for me, and makes me happy everyday. :)

THANK YOU ALL ! I love you and you guys are one in a million. you got a really special space in my heart. thank you guys ! As I've told you before, I'm going to miss all of you in tarakanita 4. love love love.


Graduation !!

Hey all !
so today, is the graduation day at school. Gosh, I'm so freakin' nervous !!

green fluorescent dress & tie thrifted, knitted bolero ayu, headband DIY, bag mom's, shoes nevada

So, after all the things and ceremony, wow, my heart beat is going really faaaast ! We got an envelope each, and in that envelope, there's a holy paper. all written on that paper, the results after all my 3 years struggle in JHS. that's the final moment, at 12 pm, we all opened that envelope, rip it, and...


I'm soooo happy at that moment, I do cry of course, I hug my mom, I'm sooo happy !! We got a medal with our name written on it, and guess what ? I got a door prize ; an umbrella. I know that's so not important, but i think that's really meaningful, today is the last day you know, everything is meaningful here.

me, ayu, krystle, tifanny

krystle, pak anton, ayu, me

me, bu Ida, ayu, krystle, pak sus

I'm soooo happy !! All sudents in my school graduate !!! A 100% success ! Congratulation all, I'm gonna miss you guys badly. hope we can meet again and maybe spend holiday together. LOVE TARAKANITA 4 #29 !

cherrykiss !

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day With This Uniform

This tartan uniform is my Junior High School uniform, so today is friday and tomorrow is the graduation day. today is the last day I'll be wearing this uniform, i think. well, I'll be really missing this uniform, I've been wearing this since I was in elementary school (my elementary school is also Tarakanita, so I got a same skirt). And yeah, today is full of thoughts , I'm a kind of people that cannot leave something or release it. I'm going to miss all my friends in tarakanita so bad.
And today we headed to astrid's house for just sneaking, eat, playing around, and some talks. I feel so happy today. But kinda not ready to face tomorrow.
Please pray for me all.

cherrykiss !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crossing the calendars

Just doing my daily reads on TeenVogue.com, and I found Top 10 Graduation Dress Under $100 trendspotting by Naomi Nevitt.
It's kinda inspired me, knowing I'm in a big doubt for what will I wear at graduation day.
Speaking of graduation, Gosh, I'm nervous. am I gonna pass the test ? Is my computer sheet gonna pass the scanners ?
I'm freaking out ! please please pray for me everyone :)

Gonna hit the pillows now. or maybe I'll watch FRIENDS first. hehehhe
cherrykiss !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

midnight DIY

Hey all !
Remember my post when I can't sleep ? I've told you that I'm working on some DIY projects at midnight. hahaha. I will post to you, now !

so this is the headband. I know I know it's just too simple, but I love it. hehe. To make it, all you need is :
1. a sponge paper (I don't know what is the name, but it's like a thick paper, made by sponge. hehe)
2. some fabrics, maybe not a "real" fabric, you know, you can use some of your old or busted tees. hehehe. the colors that I used ; fuschia, turqouise, baby blue, and baby pink.
3. glue. for better adhesiveness, use power glue or glue gun. but still, be careful
4. headband.
first, cuts the sponge paper (the shape it's up to you) the wrap it with the fabrics. After that, decorate your headband shape depends on your creation. and thats it.

And. I also made this one too

yaaaaaaaaaaaay my new baby fuschia bracelet with my name on it. hahaha. kinda messy, I know. but still, looove it ! what do you think about it ? leave me some comments okay. thank you. :)

cherrykiss !

Suddenly Out

Hey all ! Today is freakin awesome ! My mom woke me up this morning and she said I'll have a day out. And guess what ? My dad joined me todaaaaaaaaay ! yippiieeee ! I'm so happy ! :DD

tee Levi's, pencil skirt, belt, and gladiator unbranded, bag gucci

Really sorry for my manner (jump off to a table, that's not a girl should do.) but I'm just too excited ! hahahahha.

cherrykiss !

Monday, June 15, 2009

What I Got

You can see it clearly right ? OMG it's been 03 : 20 am and I still cannot sleep ! Gosh this is the worst insomnia I've ever had. oh maaaaaaaaan. what am I suppose to do ? I've been blogwalking all night and, nothing. HELP !
but still,
cherrykiss !

PS : I've just done some DIY projects : bracelet and headpiece, all in candy colors (don't know why, now I am more into colors like that).
I will post soon, maybe with the steps to make it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quote of the Day

Be yourself, in this world that is doing it's best, night and day,
to make you everybody else... Be your own rockstar.

Sean Murphy

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farewell with 7th and 8th grader

Hey readers ! This is going to be a long post, so brace yourself !
Today I went to school for farewell party with 7th and 8th grader.

outwear Esprit, tee Old Navy, skirt & gladiator unbranded, belt thrifted, bag mom's

It's kinda fun today, I met all my friends at school, I really miss them, to be honest. haha. and some of the school's bands performed and they're a good performer, they sing lots of nice song, and I enjoyed it. And also some of my teachers will leave the school this year, they are ; bu threes (she will retire), bu Ida and bu Estu (they were scheduled to move to other school).
so.. this is the pics of the farewell

me, dona | krystle, me

me, ayu

ayub, cika, edo, maria, me

bu Threes, bu Ida, bu Estu doing speech

and yeah for the 7th and 8th graders, I hope you all will be the better next generation in Tarakanita 4. Make them proud of you ! thanks for today, juniors ! love.

So, today, after the farewell party, we headed to Ayu's house for watching Slumdog Millionaire on DVD. That Movie is aweeeeeessoooommeeeeeeeee ! I know it's lame and ridiculous that I've just watched the movie now. But I have to telling ya'll this movie is greaaaat ! You really have to watch it ! And as you know, hahaha Dev Patel is georgeous and hot. hahahaha. I lovee him especially at the end of the movie when he runned to Latika with his black tank top and blue outwear. OMG. hot ! (Freida must be one lucky girl. argh !),

one word : WHY ?!?!!

check out his run scene on the trailer above fast forward to 1 : 53 to see it

And after that, we were eat on the floor (or in Indonesia we call it "lesehan"), taking a pictures, and of course we had lots of fun there ! thanks Ayu for the delicious and craving foods and also for letting us wrecking your house. hihihihi.

I really loooooooooooveeeeeeee DEV PATEL !
cherrykiss !