Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Michelle, Welch, Paltrow

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My personal favorite dresses and outfit from the 53rd Grammy Awards. Florence Welch looks graceful in Givenchy, loving the sheer and swan details. Lea Michelle was very very gorgeous on the red carpet, I love everything! her make up, her Emilio Pucci dress, and her bracelet. And my personal perfect outfit for the night is Gwyneth Paltrow's! Love her outfit when she performed with Cee Lo Green, effortless jumpsuti, mixed with bright accessories; Wilfredo Rosado feather earrings and Christian Louboutin Futura heels (the first time a saw it, I thought she was wearing heels with socks, stupid me). So there they are the favorites, going to charge my blackberry, preparing books for tomorrow and go to bed. Bye!

Monday, February 14, 2011

February the 14th

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Happy valentine's day everyone! Lots of people talking very negative about this day, but actually, it wasn't as bad as they said. What makes it sucks is today I still have to go to school, in fact, tomorrow is a school's day off (it was really really boring so I made some sketch/handwritings with my friend), and because of that I didn't watch the Grammy live. damn. Luckily the show will be repeated this evening. I can't wait to see everyone's dresses and my favorite singers performance. I think I will post my favorite dresses soon. Gaga, Perry, hell yeah.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I've been sleeping late this past few days, watching live streamings from NYFW and working on my blog layout and stuffs. And today I decided to sleep late again struggling at Adobbe Illustrator with my dearest friend, Morris as known as Morrisodinata. While my eyes starring at the illustrator canvas, He's working on his new website and his "about me" page. He just recently open his website (with a .com domain yes, envy) that provides layout design and stuffs like that. He's totally with no doubt a master in Photoshop, he has done a lot of amazing works that amazed me. And recently, I just saw his newly created "about me" page and its an ultimate jaw-dropping moment. He created a huge monsteresque fonts just like what I really love and worked a very organized and eye catching fonts and colors in his resume. makes me regret how I did in my "about me" page and its the 982683910 he got me screaming "I envy you!!!!"
here's some of the screen captures form the part of his blog that I really like, and he mentioned me in one of his post here! yay!

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envy much?
you can visit his website www.morrisodinata.com for his full amazing works in his website

Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Looks And Polishes

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Vena Cava, Organic by John Patric and my favorite BCBG Maz Azria gave Vogue a first look for their Fall '11 collection. And I instantly fall in love with them. Chunky knits, sheer maxis, cosmic colors and artsy prints are definitely a perfect staple for me. Makes me really can't wait no longer for NYFW!
A bit far away from the fall '11 topic, I've been into coloring my nails lately. And, I found this, my amazing muse Katy Perry collaborated with O.P.I to create some nail polish colors. I've seen lots of previews from youtube and I'm dying for 2 of them, Not Like The Movies a gray silver multichrome polish, and Black Shatter, is a black top coat that creates cracks like leopard pattern when applied on a dry polished nail. its like having an instant nail art with only 1 to 2 coat. fun!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Garage Review

these are reviews from the garage sale yesterday. it was a lot of chaos, disasters, and a lot of mess. but in the end, everything running smoothly and ended with a lot of fun. Really tiring for sure, we have to organized everything and took control very seriously. But I think as the first garage sale we held, it was restrained and pretty much organized. priceless experience.
Thank you so much for everyone who came and grab the stuffs, you guys really made our day. And thank heaven for the super comfortable Shoezisme wedges I wore that day, it supports me to stand in heels for 9 hours.
good night everyone! me and my weary back will jump off to bed and back to school routines tomorrow. damn school routines! I still want to do more garage sales!!!! its tremendously addicting.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Garage Sale


if you have time, come to our garage sale, you'll see us in a car in front of Coolspot Tebet.
Get yourself a bunch of stuffs here. See you!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

11:21 PM

hello everyone! its me posting from my laptop because I cannot sleep. To be completely honest I'm starting to forget what I'm going to say in this post, this is always happening to me, I already got the idea, already imagine how I will write everything and when I'm about to type them, I completely forgot everything. damn.
Well here it goes, so I planned to modify some parts of my blog, the links, picture, and planning to make an "about me" page on my blog as you know blogger now provides us to create pages and create links on our homepage to view the pages just like a costumed professional website I think. And as usual, I forgot about everything I'm gonna say on my "about me" page. darn this thing. I did make some little changes on my blog and after that I started scrolling my blog from top to bottom and vice versa. I accidentally saw my blog archives link and I saw the year 2008 on it, seriously? 2 years? I've been blogging for 2 years now? I cannot believe it really. Isn't it weird that I've been blogging for 2 years?
Enough about the wondering and nonsense blabber, sorry. So I've got very busy this past few days, and my upcoming plan is to held a Garage Sale with my friends who recently just open their online shop (and I'm craving for one of their dresses). Here I am sleeplessly asking you all to come and join us at the garage sale, it will be held in front of Coolspot Tebet, this Saturday 5th February, 6 pm and we held it in a car. we sell so many stuffs from new to secondhands. I will post the flyer later after I get a hi-res jpg format.

do come guys, grab some fab stuffs there! see you
and Happy Lunar New Year!!!!