Hot - 5 foods aggravate acne problem

There is no doubt that the diet a significant impact on the health of the skin, what we eat plays a key role in the incidence of common skin problems or avoided. Many scientists stressed that there are some food items that have a direct impact on the problem of acne, which leads to infection of skin infections, which cause the later appearance of the skin blisters and grains.

Of the most important factors behind the appearance of acne is the body's hormones, certain medical treatments, cosmetics, and other genetic factors. But some studies have shown that giving up eating certain foods helps to moisturize the skin and improve its appearance for the prevention of acne again.

Discover the most important foods that you avoided for the prevention of acne problem.
1. Table salt

Excessive intake of salty foods or salt displays of skin dryness, which leads to swelling, becomes acne treatment process is difficult. Instead of eating salt, spices Astbdlleha health and spices in order to provide the body with other nutrients as vitamin E, copper, potassium, calcium and iron. For those nutrients many vital functions to improve the health of the body and skin as well.
2. white bread

Eat white bread and processed cereals cause high blood levels of insulin, which leads to the appearance of acne on the skin. Brown bread, brown rice and complex carbohydrates are the best health alternatives, they are rich in vitamin B and proteins. Vitamin B works to get rid of the feeling of stress and tension, and helps regulate the body's hormone levels.
3. Saturated fat

Eating fried foods and ready meals causes as well as the appearance of the skin pills. Where those foods contain a large percentage of saturated fat, which works to increase the secretions of the sebaceous glands that cause clogged pores and acne and blackheads. Instead of eating saturated fats, eat mono fat sources such as olive oil, nuts, avocados, etc., as omega-3s provide the body with anti-inflammatory to protect your skin from acne.
4. Milk

Dairy products, especially skim milk contains a proportion of modified hormones. Cause those elements in skin damage and exposure to various problems as love young people. Replace milk and other calcium as vegetables and leafy broccoli sources, where those foods contain different essential vitamins and minerals for the construction of the body.
5. spicy foods

Eating spicy foods cause skin infections as a result because they contain some of the elements that cause skin irritations. As those foods it is working to increase body temperature, causing redness of the skin and exposed to blisters and grains.


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