Hot - 10 Effective Tips to overcome acne

Of the most common problems faced by girls in the youth stage is the incidence of pills youth and pimples, and with that they talked to some girls in other age groups, and this problem adversely affect the formal beauty and the psychological to the girl as she could bring bad effects, such as scars and craters show in the face and neck.

To beat the summer this problem completely processed advises you to "life" the following advice: makeup

1. Make sure to change the cosmetics between the time and the other as they take oils that are found in cosmetics and cosmetics and that are harmful to skin because they are derived from fatty acids is more powerful than the fatty acids that the body produced and therefore Use lotions and powders devoid of oils.
Telmusa not face too much

2. Try not to Tsendi much as you can of your face on your hand while sitting or reading because this makes you touch pimples and grains in your face Vthelothainaa Because the hands are more members of the body prone to contamination with microbes and bacteria that make the problem of youth pills worsen.
Use oil-free cosmetics

3. Use skincare gently and do not use lotions made from milk and cold refreshments and lipstick containing oils. Water is essential to the health of the whole body

4. Make sure you drink a large amount of water at least eight glasses per day, and the greater the quantity the better for the health of your entire body. Water will moisten the skin and removes toxins from the body.
Peeling facial

5. National peel your face using a small-sized granules smooth mild peeled it and avoid Almakecrat containing Aljbebat made of almond or apricot kernel from the husks because they make your skin Taathij and may cut it.

6. Use sterile lotion is the revitalization of your face and your skin, this lotion will reduce the pores and makes the activity glands that secrete less fat and that makes your skin look shiny and oily.
Healthy diet

7. Make sure to follow a healthy diet and avoid eating takeaway and fast because it is one of the reasons for the appearance of pimples, grains and Make fresh fruits and vegetables from within these meals.
steam bath

8. Do a session of facial care to go to a specialist, or you can work anywhere in your home by exposing your face to steam until after you've opened the pores and cleaned of dirt.
Use a reliable source cosmetics

9. Cosmetics is not the main reason for the appearance of acne but they make matters worse and so Astkhaddmiha carefully and make sure to known and reliable source in the species.

10. Eat foods containing fiber because it pulls the fat in other foods and make better skin.


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