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We may suffer from hair loss, but we do not know what are the causes that may lead to the afflicted us this alarming situation, they haunt women more than men, especially women may change their hair dyes and colors, and this may lead to frequent hair loss. So what are the tips:

Healthy and attractive hair, is a reflection of the health of the body, and so it needs a healthy and balanced diet that includes essential nutrients needed to maintain the quality and strength of hair. There are many tips that may support the health of the hair and keeps its luster and shine, what are they?

Drink water
Moisture may make hair soft, so make sure you Additional information about lots of fluids, do not wait until you feel thirsty, the feel thirsty, it means that the body of water has been lost and you need to fill the stomach with water tank. Water is not only the fluids present in the body but also is necessary to maintain the luster hair. And so you drinking the amount of water ranging from (8-10) glasses a day.

Ate protein
Protein is the basic building block of hair, it is useful to strengthen hair and protect it from embrittlement and cracking. And for healthy hair and strong advised to eat foods that contain proteins and concentrated in meat, fish, cereals, cheese, as well as milk.

Do not forget minerals
 Necessary to preserve the health of the hair metal, and the most important of these metals, iron, it helps the hair to get oxygen. And if we do not eat iron-rich foods can be a quorum hair loss and excessively. It can increase the amount of iron consumption by eating iron-rich foods such as red meat, green vegetables, or dietary supplements that contain iron.

Nutrition experts advised to eat foods rich in zinc, they help prevent hair loss. Among these foods, meat and seafood.

Copper is also involved in improving the hair dye. Where you can improve your natural color through a copper rich diet, so try eating oysters, liver, meat, fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds rich in copper.

Get your vitamins
Vitamins are important for hair growth and strengthen and maintain the scalp. The usefulness of vitamins vary depending on the species:

Vitamin A, has a role in maintaining the scalp, which is beneficial to the skin. You can also get it by eating vegetables, especially carrots.
Vitamin B and C, important for blood circulation and hair growth and strengthen it and make it flexible. It also keeps the hair color. And at EMWIS these vitamins in fruits and vegetables as well as cereals, eggs and bread.
Other tips:

Women usually are tow her hair to get a different look and feel, but we must caution when hair dye, because this may lead to hair loss. And if so it is recommended to avoid hair dye.
Women who collect their hair in the form of "Coco" or "CUE", you may have hair loss due to these simple traditional layoffs, due to pulling hair too much.
It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through sleep well and eat healthy foods useful. If we do that we can prevent hair loss.


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