Hot - 4 Important Tips for skin bright and supple in the month of Ramadan

Fears of every woman on the beauty of her skin and freshness of fasting for long hours and do not provide the ideal nutrition for the skin from the inside of the body because of deprivation of food for long hours during the day in Ramadan.

But do not worry, you can take care of your skin Madam to the fullest during the evening and to furnish all you need from food elements and different ways to take care to maintain the beauty of your skin brightness and freshness during the month of Ramadan.
Here are some habits and tips that you can do to preserve the beauty of your skin during the holy month of Ramadan.
1. The impact of eating habits during Ramadan

Freshness of skin and beauty dietary habits erroneous pursued by many women during the holy month of Ramadan, where some believe that the body needs to eat voraciously during breakfast in larger quantities and without calculation of nutrients for the body useful, day in Ramadan and through the body loses a lot of minerals and vitamins and is in need of restoration of change those elements again until a severe lack of proportion in the body does not occur.

This is necessary to ensure that eating foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals during Iftar and Suhoor and everything in between, and in the case of lack of interest in eating health foods, that significantly impact will appear on the skin begins to dry and lose their luster and freshness gradually.
2. must conserve water intake

During Ramadan, the body needs a lot of water, especially in times of high air temperature, where lose a lot of in the body fluids during the day with sweat and urine, lack of interest in addressing the water after breakfast makes the skin look drier and a lot of other ones problems of health, including the problems appear Skin and hair.

The water helps to regenerate skin cells as it helps to hydrate and in the case of negligence eating large amounts of water cracks begin to appear signs of skin, so make sure to eat in the evening 8 cups of water to keep the freshness of your skin.
3. Eat fruits and vegetables consistently

It is often neglected eating fruits and vegetables during the month of Ramadan and replace them with sweets, which contain a high content of fat and sugar, and those of the biggest mistakes we fall in the month of Ramadan, where they help fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy body completely as it keeps the skin and hair health also because of what it contains minerals, vitamins and fiber all helping to preserve the freshness and vitality of the skin.
4. moisturize your skin daily

It is necessary to take care of the care of your skin in Ramadan, especially in terms of moisturizing, use a kind of creams or lotions proper hydration for your skin before going to sleep regularly taking care to massage the skin gently circular movements smooth, Begin from the bottom up should also be careful to clean the skin constantly in the morning and evening use creams that protect the skin from the sun's rays before going out in the daytime.


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