Hot - 3 simple steps to get the soft skin Kphrh children

In fact, dry skin causes a lot of skin problems, especially as it makes the skin look pale and net in dire need of hydration and care.

The fatty acids are also a lot of problems for the skin plus it is in need of proper hydration and critical care, that's the importance of hydration for all skin types for a vibrant and beautiful skin.

Where dry skin output caused by a lot of factors to grain emergence and Alepeshor on the skin, itching and dark spots.

 Therefore we offer to you the ways and methods of skin care for soft skin and lovely face Kphrh children.
- tomatoes:

The use of natural Annadhar considered one of the best that can be done in your skin care routine every woman you avoid taking the elements and chemicals that go into the composition of industrial lotions and masks in addition to the high prices of these lotions and dangerous used on the skin over the long term.

Tomatoes are considered the most important elements that benefit the skin in order to achieve a greater proportion of softness and hydration to your skin, in addition to that it is working to increase the balance of the skin and clean them from the depths because they contain vitamin C by a large margin.

It also contains potassium, which knows its importance for the skin, incised tomatoes into thin slices and then Aferdiha on your face completely and leave for about a quarter of an hour and then rinse your face with lukewarm water.
- Smoking:

If you're someone who Adechnn cigarettes Vaamly you Zbban a lot of damage to your health and to your hair and your skin too, as well as do smoking lungs and its negative impact on all members of the body especially the skin, where Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow related layers external skin which affects the blood flow to the skin.

As that smoking reduces the production of collagen and elastin skin and this in turn leads to the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging at an early age, so if you want to preserve the youth of your skin has to be to quit smoking immediately.
- Facial Wash:

The clean face consistently and get rid of dust and bacteria that accumulate on the outer layers of the skin in the end gives the skin a net-free grain and black spots.

 Where the cause of that dust and dirt clogging the pores as they stick to oils produced by the sebaceous glands to moisturize the skin by leading to the spread of the bacteria and then grains and pimples that are not desired by many people show up.

 For this, we find a lot of experts advise to clean the skin twice daily, at least Balgsol appropriate for your skin type and make sure to get a deep clean pores constantly, either lye type advised the kinds of free soap, which contains nutrients for the skin because the soap is working to increase dry skin lotion.


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