Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boys Like Girls !!

so I will answer the question from Castor Pollux : "will you make a post about the concert ??" and the answer is "ABSOLUTELY YES !"
yesterday I went to Tennis Indoor Senayan to attend Boys Like Girls Live in Concert ! it was an unforgettable night ! we loooove you BLG !


Martin split his mineral water so many times! and I got lots of I even think twice to take a bath after the concert. heheh :p

(this is like the best picture that I can get, it was so crowded !)
The birthday boy ! Paul Digiovanni ! we sang Happy Birthday to him that night ! And Martin put a Senior High School hat on Paul's head ! that was so cute ! they are super cute baddass 'brothers' <3


my sister met her idol, do you recognize him ? he's Raka Cyril the guitarist of the band named Vierra. yes my sister is a HUGE fan of him. she was like screaminga nd jumping when she knew that Raka is coming to the concert. I'm very happy for you sis :)


guess what ! Martin Johnson (the vocalist) throw his guitar pick and it's right in front of me! His pick hit my forehead ! OMG ! And I was so stupid that I'm not be able to grab it ! The pick was lost, and I don't know where it is ! aarrrrghhh ! I wish there was some glues on my forehead so the pick will stick.

It was a wonderful night! really really a blast ! super fun and the surprise from Martin Johnson ; he jumps off from the stage and he dive in the middle of the audience ! Gosh ! He is just freakin' awesome !! I will never forget it !

We all love you Boys Like Girls !! can't wait for the next gig !
"for the first time my forehead got hit by a guitar pick and it feels so good. thanks @martinsays for the pick :D"


PS : if you're on twitter, have you realize that "I love Indonesia" and "Jakarta" are on the Trending Topics lately ? yes it's all thanks to Boys Like Girls ! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week of Surprises

Hello everyone! how's your week? It's been really awesome for me so far, and yes, full of interesting and surprising stuffs :D
Here's the first, remember when I told you about my DIY project ? well, here is the first one!

can you guess it already ??

YES its a shoes!! :D

whoah whoaaaah I just love my new shooooes! it took me a long time to make it, and I even cut my finger because of the studs. but I'm happy with the result. hihihihi

Photobucket Photobucket

the first pic, it's me doing the studded shoes, and the second pic is me breaking the bulb for my science project, it was suuuuper fun, I'm telling ya. hahaha. sorry for the super bad picture quality guys. heheh.

and the second surprise iiiiis ;


YAAAAY !!! Boys Like Girls concert tickets!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa !!! I can't believe they're on my hand right now!! I'm freakin' happy ! I got them very very accidentally. I told my mom that I want to watch this concert just like 2 days before the concert and then BAM ! my mom allowed me to go and she even bought me the tickets!!! OMG ! I just cannot believe it ! thank you soooo much mom! oh my God, I thought I wouldn't make it for their concert (guess what ; I already prepare a post to express my sadness) but I'm totally wrong wrong wrong!! I will see BLG live in concert!! and yes all of my family are coming. it's really fun (and strange, maybe?) to have a family day out at the rock concert. hahahah. I'm still cannot believe this !
and the third :

I got an award from Putri Estiani

Here is some rules to join international blogger community:
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3. Date when you were tagged: January 24th, 2010

4. Persons you tagged 7 person:
I will tag the person on my next post ;D

thank you co much Putri :D

I'm still smiling, singing happy songs right now. what a magical week !
enjoy your day ! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

one o' one

got this award from Riati (Zipper-Pepper) !! yaaaaay ! I'm soooo happy! thanks riatii :D

well, based on this award, I got to post 10 things which can make me happy. here it goes :

1. Day out with family and friends. I always loooove to go somewhere. hehehe. it's just super fun
2. Receive some comments on my blog. oh this is really made my day. thanks for all your comments, it really means a lot for me
3. Get something that I've been working hard on it. hahaha I always like to do some efforts and I love to see the result.
4. Talking to people. hehehe I just love to talk to people. (or to be exact ; cerewet)
5. Surprises!
6. Foods. yes yes yes I love foods so much ! now I'm crushing on chocochips cookies. heheheh
7. Playing dress up.
8. my social dengue ; oh well my blue bird twitter
9. chatting with my crush. yaaay I miss him so bad lately.
10. there is one thing that really makes me happy right now. I will tell you later. hihihi :p

so I'm going to pass this to ;


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am the frog

Today I didn't go to school because my seniors is having a Try Out ! yippieeeee! so me and my friends decided to go to Plaza Indonesia and watch movie. At first I wanted to watch Princess and The Frog (well, I was very very excited so I pick green for my outfit).

DIY studded outwear, Carolyn Taylor white tee, Zara shorts, bag from Bali, Nevada sneakers

so I ended up watching ; Sherlock Holmes

Yes yeees I know its waaaay too late to watch this movie, but this movie is genius! It was no regret for watching this instead of princess and the frog. heheh. and Sherlock Holmes, forgodsake, he is effin smart ! I've never think thay Guy Ritchie will direct a movie this good. hahaha.




we just heart Sour Sally <3


thanks to Ayu, Dea, Dina, Kitty, Chacha, and Maureen for making my day! It was loooots of fun ! duh I just love them. heheh

enjoy your day everyone !
PS : have you notice that I've been dressing down lately ? hehehe.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I got flu

argh my nose is really really disturbing. yes I got flu, just yesterday. I'm sick right now. just an hour ago I went out to eat something hot, so I would feel more comfortable :)
this is some shoots of what I wore today (I wore my new baby pink tights for the first time! yaaay!)

edc jacket, gift from uncle tees, unknown shorts and tights

no shoes picture, I just wore my black sneakers for today ;)


sorry for my face, kind of ridiculous right ? hahah It's because I'm sick. heheh
I'm loooooving my new baby pink tights! It's very comfortable and save my legs from naughty mosquitoes. hihihi :p

by the waaaaaay ;

my current favorite pic from my forever favorite band ; The Click Five ! I got this from the keyboardist, Ben Romans. hihihi. happy !

some of my "projects" updates this week :
1. just done with my DIY project, I will post it ASAP !
2. will do lots of things for school project. yes and I will be kind of busy this week. oh well -,-

so it's all about today, and I think today I was dressing down. right ?